September Meeting

So You Want to Be Published in a Magazine?

Wednesday – September 10, 2014
Madelyn Helling Library

On Wednesday, September 10, from 6:30-8:00 PM at the Madelyn Helling Library, Sierra Writers kicks off the new season with Grover Cleveland, a photographer who writes and blogs about travels in the west. The topic of his presentation is, “So You Want to Be Published in a Magazine?”
Cleveland’s most recent work has emphasized the Lincoln Highway in the Great Basin, a place he often frequents with Mr. Beasley, his trusty canine companion. Recently, he has been featured in Nevada Magazine, and he is, “forever working on [his] book about the Lincoln Highway.” Cleveland also writes for some specialty magazines and has two article proposals accepted for his upcoming trip to India.

During the presentation, Cleveland will talk about his experiences producing the work for Nevada Magazine and the travel and thought behind the process. According to Cleveland, “Magazine writing is a great opportunity to learn about proposals, marketing, and about discipline. Working with editors will drive you nuts and delight you at the same time. Bending to others’ requirements will teach you humility. Deadlines will strengthen you. Seeing the article in print will embolden you to write more.”

Born in England during World War II, Cleveland discovered photography in high school. He completed an MFA at Claremont Graduate School in California in 1974, and taught various classes in photography and photojournalism for many years, shaping his mainly editorial approach to images and writing. Cleveland also worked as a technical and marketing writer.