Janet Ann Collins always wanted to be a writer, always wrote, and majored in English in college, but she didn’t begin seriously trying to get published until about 15 years ago. A friend told her about a library reference book called The Writer’s Market so she looked at it, wrote down some possibilities, and had her first story published by the second editor she sent it to.9254a0878b331c2519ad7dab2de87e42

How easy!

Then she started getting rejections and discovered she still had a lot to learn.

After reading books and attending conferences to hone her skills Collins began writing regular feature articles for a small Bay Area newspaper and her work has also appeared in many other publications. She is the author of a play and several books for kids, A Shadow of Fear, The Peril of the Sinister Scientist, Secret Service Saint,  Signs of Trouble, and Slime & All. Once she actually won a poetry contest, although she doesn’t consider herself a poet.  Sometimes she even speaks at writers’ conferences.



Janet’s Books: