Tea Writer and Educator

Babette Donaldson has spent the last eight years focusing her writing on a select niche – Tea. Exploring the field, she has published work in four different styles – fiction, non-fiction, journalism and essay – writing for both children and adults, hoping to introduce them to the worldwide culture of tea. “I didn’t anticipate, when I started writing The Emma Lea Books, that I would become so involved. But perhaps that’s what happens when a writer finds something so captivating.”

Her newest book, Everything Healthy Tea, is being published by Adams Media. Focusing on the latest medical research, Donaldson infuses the facts with suggestions that adopting the tea lifestyle is a health value that science cannot measure. The 304 page book, softcover book is one of more than 400 how-to titles Adams Media has published. Everything-tea-cover

Babette was born in Houston, Texas where she first was distracted from her writing by a career as an Occupational Therapist with a specialty in child and adolescent psychiatry. Working at the Austin State Hospital, she used writing, art, music and drama and physical exercise as her primary tools to work with the institutionalized children. She also lived in Germany and worked in the English speaking schools for both military and diplomatic services.

Moving to San Francisco in the early 70′s, writing and art became her focus. Completing her creative writing degree then continuing to work in ceramic sculpture.

“Each semester there would be a new assignment that related to tea. Teapots, both functional and abstract, were constantly in process. Making tea bowls was a meditation. Living in San Francisco provided an opportunity to experience tea from other cultures. Japantown and Chinatown were filled with antique teawares and tea as I had never seen it before. My passion for tea was fueled by the way in which it so many things in my life together.”

The Emma Lea Books

Her series of picture books with tea themes, The Emma Lea Books, includes four titles:

  • Emma Lea’s First Tea Party
  • Emma Lea’s Magic Teapot
  • Emma Lea’s First Tea Ceremony
  • Emma Lea’s Tea With Daddy



Babette Donaldson with Mr. Hu in China

Babette  with guide and tea expert, Mr. Hu, during research in China.

Babette  is currently working on a series of books with tea themes. As part of her research she traveled to the main tea producing tea regions of China and lived for a week in a small tea village, studying with a local tea expert and artist. She experienced many things that will add to her next Emma Lea book, a continuing series. “I wanted to leave myself open to experiences that would make this a much more exciting read. And I feel fortunate that my time there provided more than I dreamed.

The Emma Lea Books:

She also writes for:

World Tea News

The International Tea Sippers Society