Betsy Graziani Fasbinder moved to the Sierras in 2005, attracted to this arts-rich community and the sumptuous Sierra Foothills to entertain her writing muse.

Initial chapters of Betsy’s unpublished novel Viewfinder were honored with the Floyd Salas Award for Fiction.  Her second novel, Path of Stones (now being shopped to publishers in the capable hands of literary agent, Verna Dreisbach) was among the Jack London Award winners.

Since 2007 she has co-produced The Women’s Writing Salon, a quarterly event which celebrates women writers from the region and provides a venue for audiences to enjoy these often-unheard voices. Betsy has been a member of a writing critique group, which calls itself Bella Quattro, since 1999 and credits all of her finished works to the support and encouragement from this group.

Betsy has had Short stories, non-fiction articles, and novel excerpts of published in The Journal of Behavioral Health, Connections Magazine, Charabanc, and The Union Newspaper.  Betsy’s writing was also published as part of The Fourth Street Writers’ collection in Nearly Naked. Betsy devoted much of 2009 to a collaborative writing project with Karen McCall, producing Financial Recovery: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money which is due for publication by New World Library in spring 2011.

Betsy’s novel, Path of Stones, is in the capable hands of literary agent, Verna Dreisbach who is shopping it to publishers.  Betsy is currently working on a novel, Opening Act, set in California’s Wine Country area. If nothing else, the novel’s research is pretty fun.

As both a writer and a licensed psychotherapist, Betsy is always compelled to explore, understand, and illuminate the rich, complex landscape of the human heart. In her poetry, non-fiction, short stories and novels, Betsy strives to write in a way that honors those qualities of longing, humor, and love which make us uniquely human.  As the perfect marriage for both her love of writing and her professional life as a therapist, Betsy facilitates a memoir writing group which supports those writing their memoir stories as part of a personal healing process.