David Finch

Dave Finch self-published his first book on January 12, 2014, on Amazon.    The title: KILL THE DRUG TRADE: Ending the War on Drugs in a System of Toleration, Counseling and Control.  The book argues for a fundamental change in national and state drug policies, a system that would tolerate adult drug use in a dispensary program with safely manufactured drugs accessible only by registered adults who commit to regular contact with counselors and to responsible drug use.  Control measures are designed to keep drugs away from minors and to discourage adults from allowing drugs to fall into the hands of minors.  He shows how in such a system both treatment and prevention of addiction are enhanced and how the principles of economics would serve to, well, kill the drug trade that makes drugs so accessible to minors.  The book includes references to studies and reports that support the claims he makes for why this system can accomplish the objectives as to which the war on drugs has tried but failed.

Dave practiced law in Santa Clara County for forty years before migrating to Nevada County in 2001, where he lives with his wife Nancy and their dog, Buckley.  Here he has practiced dispute resolution as a mediator and arbitrator, county hearing officer, and volunteer settlement judge.  He now devotes most of his time to writing and playing pickleball.


Dave blogs on drug policy issues at http://www.finchdiablog.com.  He can be contacted through his email address:  drfinch@letsinkit.com.  His professional C.V. is at www.letsinkit.com.