“I am a very trivial person.”

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Throughout 29 years of publishing an eight-page Academy Awards newsletter called “The CampChuck Reviewer,” by far the most frequent question that Jaffee fields amounts to, “How many did you guess right?” Predictions about the six major Oscar categories pinpoint winners, oh, about 60% on average. But the real answer is that Oscar predictions are just an excuse for combining a love of the movies with a love of writing.

When interviewed about the ability to write ten tennis articles per year, Chuck Jaffee responded that being a trivial person is very helpful in generating topics.

Poetry pulls Jaffee in a wholly different direction. Of hundreds of poems written over the years, the majority have found their way into four volumes. Jaffee says in his most recent book, “haiku triples,” that he leans toward haiku because, “This kind of poetry indulges my small brain…. It fits there nicely so that I can work on it when I work on it. It fits there nicely whether I complete a poem in five minutes or five hours or five days.”

Chuck and wife, Marvina, moved to Nevada City, CA, in the Spring of 2003. They are very appreciative of the wonderful breadth and depth of experience to be found in and around Nevada County. One of those glad connections is the Sierra Writers organization. Among other things, attending writers’ sessions prods Chuck to make progress on his latest book—not poetry.

Poetry Volumes:

  • haiku triples
  • hi 2 (unpublished)
  • haiku creek
  • Edgewise

Books for Children:

  • A Watermelon Where? (unpublished)
  • Where Is the Garbage Can? (unpublished)

Articles Published:

  • More than 70 film festival, film, and film related reviews in The Union newspaper + 30 years of Academy Awards newsletters, sizing up the Oscar races before the envelopes are opened.  For links, see www.startlets.com.
  • More than 200 columns in the Palo Alto Tennis Club newsletter