Suzanne Marriott is a memoirist and freelance travel writer/photographer who specializes in sharing her experiences with her 100 px

Suzanne has written a soon-to-be-published memoir: Watching for Dragonflies: From Wife to Caregiver—A Transformative Journey based on her ten years as the caregiver to her husband, Michael, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. Suzanne views caregiving as a transformational journey encompassing personal growth in compassion and learning, growth that can lead to transcendent experiences and increased connection and intimacy. Her website is intended to provide inspiration, resources and connection for caregivers.


On the travel front, Suzanne engages in deep travel ~ travel that takes the readers beyond the surface of time and place and gives them intimate experiences of people and culture. Her articles have appeared in several travel magazines, including the award winning online magazine, Your Life is a Trip. Her travel writing website is

She is a member of Sierra Writers and The National Association of Memoir Writers. She maintains connections with The Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Family Caregiver Alliance. Suzanne is also a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Monroe Institute community, and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology alumni organization. Through these connections she maintains communication with other writers, caregivers, and persons involved in consciousness studies.

Suzanne has a B.A. in English Literature, an M.S. in Education and an M.A in Transpersonal Psychology. She has taught Language Arts, Reading, Computer Literacy, and Psychology at the secondary level in the California public schools as well as Computers for Educators through U.C. Berkeley Extension. She was the grant proposal writer for Newark Unified School District in the San Francisco Bay Area where she brought in millions of dollars to fund innovative programs for students and teachers. She has attended the San Francisco Writers Conference, The San Miguel de Allende Writers Conference, and the Sierra Writers Conference.

Suzanne lives in Wolf Creek Lodge cohousing in Grass Valley, California. She has published several articles on cohousing and is a contributor to the Wolf Creek Lodge Newsletter.