The love of my life is Chinese art:  painting, sculpture, and calligraphy.  My love expanded to include people and places when I went to China to teach in a university for a year in Guilin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

In the past I have done a great deal of technical writing in conjunction with my profession as a library building planner.  I was the Library Building Planner for the University of California at Berkeley campus for 20 years, and I also have been a library building consultant nationally for many more years.  My technical writing has been published by the American Library Association and other publishers.  A couple of titles include  Renovation-Budget Crisis/Energy Crisis and Energy and Library Buildings, both published in the 1970s before “Green Buildings” was in our vocabulary.  When in China, my Green Building lectures with Power Point were campus-wide for the Guilin University of Technology where I taught and at two other university campuses, one in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and one in Xi’an.

I am writing my memoir in Chinese and English. Its genesis was my Chinese class with Nikko Wu and the assignment she gave us.  It was to write about ourselves as though we were introducing ourselves to new Chinese acquaintances in China. That assignment was given over a year ago.  I am still writing and do not expect to stop until my life and its Chinese connections stop.