Former Sierra Writers’ President Lee Roddy’s newest non-fiction book, “A Guide to Writing Your Novel,” was recently released by the Institute for Excellence in Writing at a symposium of writing educators held on the campus of Wake Forest University, North Carolina. This is the author’s 28th book currently on the market.

Roddy described the new release as “the answer book to questions beginning writers have on all aspects of novel writing. The guide covers the common elements of all category novels as well as the special requirement of the key genres: suspense, mystery, romance, juvenile and others.”

The Grass Valley author added that the new 141 page book is a companion to his “How to Write a Story,” an instructional guide for understanding and teaching basic story writing.

Both books are published by The Institute for Excellence in Writing, a leading publisher of materials specifically devoted to developing writing skills. Roddy’s non-fiction books books and some of his novels are available at The Book Seller or the author’s website:

Roddy was president of Sierra Writers in 1999-2000. His total credits include 54 published novels and 18 nonfiction books with many best sellers, award winners and sales in millions of copies. He said his first major success was his novel, “Grizzly Adams,” which was also a prime time television series in the last seventies and early eighties. The author’s present “works in progress” include three novels for juvenile readers and one for adults.

Lee Roddy is an honorary lifetime member of Sierra Writers. The annual awards given to winners of the Young Writers Contests carry his name.

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