the judge-001Hock Tjoa self-published The Battle of Chibi in 2010 a translation of selections from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a classic Chinese “novel” by Luo Guanzhong, who published it around 1400 A.D. (although the earliest version that now exists is from the mid-16th century).  The events described took place in the early 3rd century A.D.  Luo added much material about the events that were not part of the historical records–poems, skits and stories by street entertainers, etc., making up a “novel” comprising 120 chapters with around a thousand characters. Hock’s Battle of Chibi consists of 23 chapters. In 2016, he reissued it through Sleeping Dragon Books, an imprint which he owns.

Hock went to college at Brandeis and graduate school at Harvard, then taught for eight years at the University of Malaya.  A second career in banking and finance followed after a brief re-potting experience at UCLA business school.  Although retired, he teaches part-time at Sierra College (accounting).  Hock also dabbles in community theater.  He and his wife are empty nesters as their two daughters have left to find themselves.

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