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“It is said that at nine months old I was found dead but was revived by grandmother’s prayers. From an early age, I witnessed, heard weeksand or read stories about saints, bizarre events, angels, the occult, demons, and other spirits.”

From Goodreads questions:

Where are you from?
Born in Nicaragua, came to live in California with my family who had lived here for generations. Haven’t returned to Nicaragua since my grandparent’s death.

How do you spend free time?
We have a large and close family like to travel and do work to our home. Free time is a luxury that I spend writing, reading, blogging, taking classes, attend community groups and blogging.

What is your favorite book or series?
Because of childhood poliomyelitis, I spent a lot of time reading whatever I could get from my grandparent’s store and at boarding school – mostly stories about saints. Later I lived on novellas by Corin Tellado and Nora Roberts. Some of my favorite series are by Anne Rice, Jean Auel, Paulo Coelho, Richard Bach, Carlos Castaneda, Isabelle Allende, and many others.

A little something about you that is interesting?
Before learning that I am dyslexic, I feared I was stupid, and it would show. So, in High School to learn English fast, I joined the public speaking and debate team. Went from a fat kid with leg and back braces and although raised in a strict family, I became a model and for a couple of years a dancer. In college my favorite subject was Anthropology.

Would you be a survivor in most of the books we read?
Yes. I came from generations of high achievers. It only takes a spark to build a bonfire in me.

Some of the writing I have done and am doing:

Completing final edits on Virgins – approx. 60,000 words – the first book of my Sylph’s historical/fantasy series.
Virgins webpage,
Virgins, Facebook page:

Have a collection of over 70 poems; some published in The Scruffy Dog Review,, Poetry for Conservation, and Wildwood Literary Review.

Working on Haya’s Children: the second book of my Sylph’s historical/fantasy series.

Editing my novel Crackacaras: Paranormal/Fantasy — about the culture of cliff people who must change their lifestyle to survive.

Other stories I am developing;

Shoeshine For A Dime: book one of my YA fiction base on fact — poor boy becomes successful.

Judy Malone: The story, at times funny, of a woman’s revenge and the change in her life after infidelity.

Sweet Dreams: A family’s journey from addiction to recovery.

The Dancer: A struggling dancer finds love.

A few of my sites:
Twitter: @mmaw