Ensconced in corporate America for twenty years, Jan launched her own communications consulting business before finally divorcing herself from the management frenzy completely. She jump-started her writing career as a by-lined co-author on a windfall book project for Time-Life and the Nature Company.

Jan has since written magazine and newspaper articles on a variety of subjects but favors history and nature. Whenever possible, and not overruled by her family, she loves to trip off with her husband to practically inaccessible places around the world hoping to encounter exotic animals and unspoiled cultures.


Jan Westmore’s Newest Book: Images of America, Colfax

Release Date: January 14, 2013 | Series: Images of America.

Centered in Placer County, Colfax lies northeast of the state capital, Sacramento, in the California foothills. The Gold Rush of 1849 transformed these serene surroundings overnight into a flurry of human activity as men sought wealth. The town soon became the supply transport center for miners working their claims. When technology evolved to meet the needs of our expanding country, trains replaced pack trains and stagecoaches. Colfax grew to accommodate the thousands of workers toiling their way through the Sierra Nevadas to complete the western end of the transcontinental railroad. The town still serves as a junction point for the railroad and a destination stop for tourists to enjoy its unique history.

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About the Author

Author, scholar, and retired corporate executive Jan Westmore, a Sierra Nevada foothills resident and native Californian, is a contributing author to two books, plus a writer and photographer for numerous magazine articles. In Images of America: Colfax, her insightful commentary engages readers as they visually explore the historic images offered from private and public collections. Each photograph reveals an element of the colorful past that enriched this Colfax area.



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