Submission Guidelines

Articles should be 300 words or less. Exceptions might be made by contacting us and discussing your plans. Keep in mind that our newsletter is sent via email and usually read on a computer screen. Articles for computer reading should be shorter than those submitted for print publications.


  • Winter Issue, Pub. January 1st, Deadline – December 1st
  • Spring Issue, Pub. April 1st, Deadline – March 1st
  • Summer Issue, Pub. July 1st, Deadline – June 1st
  • Fall Issue, Pub. October 1st, Deadline – September 1st

Please use a 12 point standard font such as Times New Roman. Copy must be publication ready. We do not edit unless we happen to catch a glaring typo during the design phase. We will make design adjustments as necessary to fit the newsletter template.


Each issue will incorporate a theme. The theme is meant as a guideline and the newsletter will have a focus on the theme but not all articles and other submissions need to strictly adhere to it.

We are seeking informative pieces that will be useful to other writers – not your creative works.

  • Winter Issue – Beginnings, Organization, Revitalizing, Goals
  • Spring Issue – Poetry, Young Writers
  • Summer Issue – Travel writing, Periodical/Internet writing, Non-fiction
  • Fall Issue – NaNoWriMo, Fiction

As you surf the web jot down any great writer-useful web sites you visit and other snippets you come across and send those in to us too! We want the newsletter to be a valuable resource for our members.